These free tutorials are elemental to most of the other courses. It shows you how to use Layers effectively. A lot of our other fee-based courses will show you things that work really well in the Layers we introduce here.

FLEXIBILITY is the reason why this is a BIG DEAL. You move all page elements around independently of each other, widen, or make narrower, and design a page just as you would in InDesign, PhotoShop, Quark Express, or Illustrator. Add columns or delete them without breaking your whole page's structure...!!!

  Setup Center and Right of Browser Anchors for Child Layers

  Show the "Child," "Parent" relationship of DIVs

  Draw DIVs and place them where you want them. This is true DRAG and DROP design for webpages.

  Move elements around without breaking any "nested DIV" at all (there is no "Container DIV and Nested DIVs to break.)

  Give your clients what they want and do it easily with fun and joy rather than grimace at the need to recreate your page's DIV structure every time your client changes thngs.

If you are primarily a webpage designer, then this FREE course can change your life.

It frees you, forever, from the fussy and inflexible Nested DIVs within a Container DIV you have been told you must use.

Everything shown is 100% Html 4 through 5 compliant, 100% compliant with all versions of CSS, and works almost identically in all 4 of the main browsers.

This is a FREE Course. But, if you like it and use it - and I know most will - then you might consider a donation. PayPal button is to your left.