Defining Yourself by Your Past


I just connected with you via LinkedIn and read your blog. I wanted to add something which is a departure from your ideas. It was an outcome from your writing about Robots in Human TV Show. I wrote a Robot book found at: – this book was written from my “future”, from my future imagination, and is not a re-bundling of my past.

You stated that your memories are what define who you are. Hence the importance of remembering your past in, I guess, as much detail as possible. And by inference how horrible Alzheimers is because it takes away your past.

I represent a departure from that focus. I am NOT defined by my memories at all and I do not care particularly what my past life has been about one way or the other. In saying that I am not reacting against my past at all. I just refuse to define myself by my past. My past is too small to contain me. Added together all of my past is still too small to offer up who I am. Too small because I was a “smaller” person in my past than what I am now. And I do not agree with the idea that there is some causal relationship between past and present. I think there is only a causal relationship between FUTURE and NOW. And, I have found, for myself, that doting on my past is just boring.

To me my past is gone. Perhaps it is vaguely remembered sometimes by some trigger or other.

I choose to be defined not by my past but by my future – where I am going, what I wish to do, how I wish to grow my spirituality, how I wish to add new skills or ways to express myself not already done, but, new and unique to me. I wish to find new avenues of understanding not rehash my 5 year old’s ideas, or my 13 year old’s, or my 30 year old’s. They were all fine for “then” but not fine for “now.”


I think focusing on one’s future is far more meaningful than rummaging around in what was. And, I am not inordinately disappointed nor angry with my past at all – not reacting against it. I just want more from my life than what was. To me I think that what makes most old people boring is their gloating on their past and neglecting to build and hold any sense of their future. They appear to have abandoned their future and, to me, that is not an expanding or growth activity at all.

Note my WordPress.Com website: which holds some past events but is more into the future and who I am growing to be.



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