Discovering New Ways

I will start off with a clear example of a benefit of Learning a New Way to see Map-Picture-Mental-Organization.

Possibility, Probability and Unknown

It has to do with the difference between possibility and probability. Most people are very anchored in WHAT-IS. From time to time, they will venture into WHAT IS PROBABLE to find something they could make happen that is not currently a part of What-Is.

What is Probable is not very far off from your What-IsWhat is Probableis relatively easy to see in your mind’s eye and it is relatively easy to mull it over and to work with it in your imagination. Perhaps you would like some bricks to learn to be a bricklayer. It is not hard to visualize that.

Perhaps you decide you want to make that idea into something that is to become your What-Is. It is not too hard to do that because it is not far afield from your What-Is. It is Probable and you can easily hold that in your mind’s eye.

Some people, though, can work with the Possible.

That is very much more distant from the Probable. What is Possible is a far wider field of possibilities. Some people are not comfortable entering into too wide a field in this imaginational realm because it is chaotic. To them, their experience of it is too chaotic. There is too much. It is hard to decide what to pay attention to. All sorts of ideas are floating around and the connections between them appear to be very ephemeral and, well, not concrete enough to be able to deal with.

In fact, many people have had parents that told them NOT to waste time imagining stuff that is not probable (not in those words, however). They may even have had some threats about doing that offered by a parent. There are even people who will not venture even into the Probable. They have been told to stay rock-solid in the What-Is and not step outside of that space.

You may be surprised to find that some of the most Rock-Solid people are academics, scientists, and PhDs in all sorts of topics. They have established their world’s boundaries and will not step past them and will not let you step past them either. If they are smart, they will have very compelling reasons for “your” not stepping outside of “their” comfort zone.

leap-over1I bet you can see where this is going.

Guess who is really, really, really good at stepping right into the Possible, and, even past that into the Unknown and love playing around in that field of their imagination. They have no difficulty handling odd and dis-related imaginings and ideas. They play with random fittings-together to see how they might work, or not. And, these people have extraordinary capacity to picture things and odd relationships as though they were real but know that they are not… yet.

Aside from often having difficult social interactions, these people can actually reduce those imaginings coming from the realm of the Possible and the Unknown into something real here and now. Authors, poets, artists, musicians, composers, systems creators, inventors, entrepreneurs (not all, though), and people who start things going from scratch. Those people.

Lots of Ideasmany-hats

And, the talents necessary to do those kinds of things are precisely the talents that Adhd/Dyslectic people have.

What do you suppose your grade school would do with Mozart at the age of 5? He jumped up and down. He was uncontrollable. He wandered off into all sorts of stuff. He could not keep his attention on finishing what he did unless he burst out with a complete symphony in a couple of days and then acted like an off-the-wall guy for a month or two. He fit into no category and just was who he was.

Fortunately for him, there we no people telling him he was broken and needed fixing and perhaps a few years on Ritalin to mold him into another normal person.


You Are a Bright Light

What’s new? Accept your uniqueness and revel in it. Somebody has to venture into the Unknown and the Possible and grab hold of solutions that no one ever thought of before and manifest them.

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